In her article, "The Burial at Thebes", Prof. Mary Strange makes an interesting connection between Sophocles' Antigone and the politics of today.
America has separation of church and state due to the 1st amendment. This idea originated in ancient Greece when democracy started to emerge and people started to see that the laws of man do not always match up with the laws of the divine.
Antigone defies her uncle's decrees and buries her brother, justifying her act by saying:

"The proclamation you had your force behind it
But it was mortal force, and I, also a mortal,
I chose to disregard it. I abide
By statutes utter and immutable-
Unwritten, original, god-given laws." (29)
If we look at all the major activists of modern times such as, Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi, we can see that they protested laws and claimed a higher calling just like Antigone.

Essentially, what I have taken away from this article is that throughout history, moral law has proved stronger to many people than state law has. When injustice occurs in the laws of our nation, the laws of God are often used as an impetus and justification for those who work against these laws. This can be a good thing, as it was during the Civil Rights movement, but this logic can also be used to justify acts of terrorism.